Our vision is to create a Malaysian advertising scene that is free from vexatious, fraudulent or unnecessarily offensive advertisements.

Making a Complaint

  1. If an advertiser wishes to make a complaint against another advertiser, or if an agency wishes to do so against another agency, the advertiser or agency should first send a written complaint to the offending party. This complaint should specify the section of the Code that has been breached, and a copy should also be forwarded to the ASA. This is to ensure that the offending party has an opportunity to defend or justify its actions.
  2. If the matter has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties concerned within two working days, then either party should notify the ASA in writing. Please do note that there will a fee of RM750 for lodging a complaint in this manner. The ASA will then take the following actions:
    • Copies of the complaint will be circulated to the Committee for their views. If any member of the Committee is involved in any way with the advertising of a similar product or service, then they will be considered as having a vested interest and therefore be asked to refrain from expressing any views on the complaint.
    • The remaining members shall submit their views, to be received within seven working days from the date of the ASA’s letter. In the event that the views on a complaint are unanimous, the Chairman shall instruct the secretaries on the action to be taken.
    • If there is a difference of opinion on the matter, a meeting of the Committee shall be convened as early as possible to consider the complaint.
  3. Once advice has been received as per subsection (ii) above, the Committee shall advise the media concerned to cease printing or displaying the advertisement until the Committee determines whether the complaint is justified.
  4. Copies of the correspondence relating to the complaint will be included in the agenda for the next meeting. The Chairman, Deputy Chairman or Secretaries may also hold a special meeting of the Committe to deal with the complaint if necessary to speed up the process.

Vested Interest

  1. Any member of the Committe who is involved directly in the complaint before the Committee should refrain from participating in the Committee’s deliberations on the complaint.
  2. A Committee member with vested interest may be permitted to take part in the lower-romanussions and deliberations, but not in the decision making. In this way, members can contribute to their follest capacity in service to the Committee.


  1. All submissions to the ASA should be directed to the Chairman of the Advertising Standards Advisory.
  2. The ASA will not entertain any correspondence addressed to individual members


  1. The ASA meets at least six times a year or whenever required by the Chairman or Deputy Chairman to do so in order to address complaints.

Additional Communications

  1. Whenever required, the ASA may call on the parties involved in the dispute, or any outside independent party, for further information.

Decision Making

  1. Apart from the Chairman of the meeting, all members of the Committee will have one vote, and all decisions will be by a simple majority (more than 50% of total votes). If the vote is equally divided, the Chairman of the meeting will be allowed to cast a vote. Before voting, any member of the Committee with a vested interest must refrain from voting and be absent during the decision-making process.

Announcement of Decisions

  1. The ASA will notify all parties involved on its decision, advising them of any action that is required to be taken.


  1. If you are an advertiser, advertising agency or media owner and have any questions on the interpretation of the Code, you may seek advice from the ASA. These enquiries are strictly confidential and no communication with the ASA should be considered as legal advice.
  2. All such enquiries should be in writing and be addressed to the Chairman, The Advertising Standards Advisory.


  1. The Committee’s interpretation of the Code is final.

Constituents Members of the Advertising Standards Advisory

  1. Malaysian Advertisers Association
  2. Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Malaysia
  3. Malaysian Newspaper Publishers Association
  4. Media Specialists Association
  5. Any other media organization as may be admitted