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Advertising for Audiotext Services

Introduction: What are Audiotext Services

Audiotext services are interactive telecommunications services offered via a telephone service. Typically, the services use a prefix 600 number in which customers are charged a premium over and above the normal connection charges. Such service providers offer, among other things, information, ring tone downloads and friendship services or chat lines.

General Rules on Advertising for Audiotext Services

1. Rulesgoverningtheadvertisingofsuchserviceshavebeendrawnupprincipallyinthe best interest of users generally.

2. Advertisements for chat and similar interactive services must be clear and unambiguous that such services are available.

3. Advertisers should clearly indicate to system users whether or not their services are free of charge, and should not charge users unless such warnings have been provided beforehand. Advertisements should indicate the cost of the services.

4. Where an advertisement does not specifically mention the availability of chat, that service must not be made available on the 600 number. That is, a service provider offering ring-tone downloads must not also make available a chat service as an option when customers call the advertised 600 number.

5. Advertisements for chat line and related services must include the company’s name and office number.

6. Chatline advertisements should always include: (i) The legal age limit for callers

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(ii) Warnings on the dangers of meeting up with strangers encountered through chat lines

7. Where an advertisement gives the website address (uniform resource locator or  url)for non-chat services, that page must not have links or 600 numbers to chat services.

8. Advertisements for chat lines and related services should not contain lewd ,sexually suggestive or offensive material.

9. Advertisement of services aimed at children or young persons must carry the following warning message “This call costs RMX.XX per minutes/per call. Callers under 18 must seek their parents’ or guardians’ approval before calling.”

Advertising for Audiotext Services