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Other Specific Categories

1. Commemorative and Other Items Produced in Limited Editions

1.1 The number of articles to be produced in any limited edition should be stated in all advertising and promotion material containing any claim that the edition is limited. Where an edition is limited by the number of persons applying within a given period of time, it should be described as an edition limited by time, and the advertiser should offer to inform all purchasers of the number of articles eventually produced.

1.2 Advertisements for articles made of precious metal should state the amount and the fineness of the metal involved in the pieces on offer.

1.3 Advertisements which make claims about the investment potential of the articles on sale should also make clear that there is no guarantee of any future increase in value.

1.4 Advertisements for these products which would be of interest as a collector’s item should place emphasis primarily upon factors such as scarcity or aesthetic quality and not, or not solely, upon practical considerations (e.g. utility).

1.5 Advertisements should not trade on any lack of knowledge among the general public as to the nature and extent of the market for items of the kind advertised about the criteria for assessment employed within that market.

1.6 Information in the advertisements about the period during which the offer is available should be unambiguous where an offer is made in more than one stage, with the final closing date clearly stated at an early point in the advertisement, and prior to any information regarding other dates by which the initial orders are being limited.

1.7 Claims as to the ‘scarcity’ and ‘rarity’ of items not produced directly by or for the advertiser should be capable of substantiation by reference to the testimony of those expert in the particular market and should, in appropriate cases, take into account the situation worldwide.

2. Homework Schemes

2.1 Homework scheme means a scheme in which a person is invited to make articles or perform services at home for remuneration.

2.2 Advertisements for homework schemes should contain an adequate description of the scheme and the reward to be expected. Where it is proposed to charge for machine or raw materials or components, or where the advertiser offers to buy back the goods produced by the homework, relevant information should be included in the advertisement. The full name and the address of the advertiser should be plainly stated.

2.3 Advertisements for homework schemes are not acceptable unless, when offered to media, they are accompanied by full details of the work involved and of the conditions imposed upon the homeworker.

3. Inclusive Tours

3.1 Advertising material containing detailed descriptions of inclusive tours should be clear as to:
(i) The firm or organization which is responsible for the tour;
(ii) The means of transport, whether chartered or scheduled (including whenever possible the name of the carrier, type and class of aircraft or other means of transport);
(iii) Destination and itinerary;
(iv) Exact duration of the tour and of the stay at each locality;
(v) The type and standard of accommodation, meals and facilities offered; (vi) Any special arrangements offered (entertainment, sight-seeing, etc.);
(vii) The total price of the tour as advertised (at least minimum and maximum prices) and those items which are included therein (airport taxes and other fiscal charges, incidental transportation, porterage, tips, etc.) ; and

(viii) Cancellation conditions.

Other Specific Categories