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About us

The Advertising Standards Malaysia (ASA), formed in 1977, is an independent body that ensures the adherence of the self-regulating Advertising industry to the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice in the print, outdoor, and cinema media, while setting industry standards for advertisements that are legal, decent, honest, truthful and socially responsible .

 Its activities include investigating complaints, mediation, as well as updating the Code with amendments and improvements to meet the changing values and needs of society and to protect consumer rights.

Our Vision 

An Effective ASA

  • Serving society
  • Maintain social responsibility
  • For our stakeholder and consumers

Our Mission

To be an effective Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) addressing complaints and cases in a fair and responsible manner as we uphold consumer rights with the support of the Ministry.

Our constituent members:

  • Malaysian Advertisers Association
  • Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Media Specialists Association
  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of Malaysia

The ASA Board Members


En Azizul Kallahan


Deputy Chairman

En Mohamed Kadri Mohamed Taib

Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia

Mr. Jasmin Omar
Ms. Joyce Gan

Malaysian Advertisers Association

Mr Claudian Navin Stanislaus
Puan Raja Zalina Raja Safran

Malaysian Newspaper Publishers Association

Mr Eugene Wong
Mr Wayne Lim
En Akmal Eirfan

Media Specialists Association

Mr Chanchal Chakrabarty
Ms Audrey Chong

Malaysian Code of Advertising Practise

The Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”) is a

fundamental part of the system of control by which Malaysian advertising regulates its


The Code is supplemented by special conditions that may be required by individual media.

The broadcast media, online services and other telecommunications and electronic media

have their own Codes which are administered by the Communication and Multimedia

Content Forum of Malaysia.

Responsibility for observing the Code rests primarily with the advertiser, but also applies

to any advertising agency, media agent or medium involved in the publication of the

advertiser’s message to the public.