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1. All advertisements should be legal, decent, honest, truthful and socially responsible.

2. The Malaysian Code of Advertising Practise self regulates advertisements on non- broadcast and non-networked medium such as print, cinema, outdoor, point of sale and packaging.

3. Complaints in regards to advertisements on broadcast and networked mediums such as television, radio, social media, website, and other digital platforms are to be lodged at www.cmcf.my

4. Any complaint that any member or person from the industry has to be first addressed with the alleged offending party in writing, specifying the Clause of the Code which it is claimed has been breached with a copy extended to ASA. If within two working days, the complaint is not resolved, then either party shall in writing formally lodge a complaint to the Chairman of the ASA Malaysia.

5. “Political advertising” or “Election advertising” are excluded from the application of the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practise.

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