Advertising for Alcoholic Drinks

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Advertising for Alcoholic Drinks

1. The alcoholic drinks industry and the advertising business accept responsibility for ensuring that advertising is always socially responsible and that their advertisements should not seek to:
(i) Encourage excessive consumption and over indulgence, and nor suggest that drinking can overcome boredom, loneliness or other problems; and
(ii) Exploit those who are especially vulnerable because of age, inexperience or any physical, mental or social incapacity.

2. Normally, children should not be portrayed in advertisements for alcoholic drinks; however, in a scene where it would be natural for them to be present (e.g. a family situation), they may be included, provided that it is made clear that they are not drinking alcoholic beverages.

3. Advertisements should not be directed at young people nor in any way encourage them to start drinking. Anyone shown drinking should obviously be over 18 years of age.

4. Advertisements should not be based on a dare or impute any failing to those who do not accept the challenge of a particular drink.

5. Advertisements should not emphasise the stimulant, sedative, or tranquillising effects of any drink.

6. Advertisements should not give the general impression that a drink is being recommended mainly for its intoxicating effect; or that drinking is necessary for social success or acceptance.

7. Advertisements should not suggest that any alcoholic drink has therapeutic qualities or can enhance mental, physical or sexual capabilities, popularity, attractiveness, masculinity, femininity or sporting achievements.

8. Advertisementsmaygivefactualinformationaboutthealcoholicstrengthofadrinkbut this should not be the dominant theme of any advertisement. Alcoholic drinks should not be presented as preferable because of their high alcohol content or intoxicating effect.

9. The content of advertisements should never associate drink with driving.

10. Advertisements should not portray drinking alcohol as the main reason for the success of any personal relationship or social event.

11. Drinking alcohol should not be portrayed as a challenge, nor should it be suggested that people who drink are brave, tough or daring for doing so.

12. Particular care should be taken to ensure that advertisements for sales promotions requiring multiple purchases do not actively encourage excessive consumption.

13. Advertisements should not depict activities or locations where drinking alcohol would be unsafe or unwise. In particular, advertisements should not associate the consumption of alcohol with operating machinery, driving, any activity relating to water or heights, or any other occupation that requires concentration in order to be done safely.

Advertising for Alcoholic Drinks