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1. Advertisements for motor vehicles, fuel or accessories should avoid portraying or
referring to practices that encourage or condone anti- social behaviour.

2. Advertisers should not make speed or acceleration claims the predominant message of their advertisements. However, it is legitimate to give general information about a vehicle’s performance such as acceleration and midrange statistics, braking power, road-holding and top speed.

3. Advertisers should not portray speed in a way that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly or to break the law.

4. Vehicles should not be depicted in dangerous or unwise situations in a way that might encourage or condone irresponsible driving. Their capabilities may be demonstrated on a track or circuit provided it is clearly not on a public highway.

5. Care should be taken in cinema commercials where moving images may give the impression of excessive speed. In all cases where vehicles are shown in normal driving circumstances on public roads they should be seen not to exceed speed limits.

6. When making environmental claims for their product, advertisers should conform to the rules on Environmental Claims.

7. Prices quoted should correspond to the vehicles illustrated. For example, it is not acceptable to feature only a top-of-the-range model alongside the starting price for that range.

8. Safetyclaimsshouldnotexaggeratethebenefittoconsumers.Advertisersshouldnot make absolute claims about safety unless they hold evidence to support them.